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The Death Penalty in California

Learn about infographics software. [Read more…]

Heaven on Earth

The Beatitudes of Jesus, found in Matthew 5:3-12, have had an enormous role in the history of the church’s thinking both about Jesus and about Christian ethics and virtues. For many the Beatitudes are to be memorized as virtues toward which we strive, and as virtues that remind each of us what God expects for [Read More…]

Thanks Shane

From Shane Claiborne: So let’s imagine. What would Jesus say to our nation, where these are things are true:  10,000 people die from gun-related homicides each year, that’s one Sandy Hook massacre a day, every day there are nearly 90 guns for every 100 people there are over 51,000 licensed gunshops (and 30,000 supermarkets) guns [Read More…]

What Did Jesus Teach (about hell)?

The traditional view of hell rests on four pillars: that the OT says nothing; that the Jewish view at the time of Jesus was one of eternal conscious punishment; that Jesus’ view was thoroughly Jewish; and that the NT authors follow Jesus. Edward Fudge, in Hell: A Final Word , subjects each of these to examination [Read More…]

Origins and Models

Mapping how a variety of scholars, scientists and theorists understand the universe’s and our origins is needed, so I am happy to recommend Gerald Rau’s Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything as a good place to get the big picture. Rau’s aim here is not to sketch all the nuances; instead, his [Read More…]