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Homicide Numbers

From NBC: Detroit’s total of 411 homicides in 2012, up from 377 the previous year, includes 386 criminal homicides and 25 “justifiable homicides” that included three shootings by police, according to numbers released by the city. The number of criminal homicides increased 12 percent from 344 in 2011. The total in 2010 was 308. Homicides have [Read More…]

The End of Spanking?

From Steve Hendrix: George Holden envisions a world without spanking. No more paddling in the principal’s office. No more swats on little rear ends, not even — and here is where Holden knows he is staring up at a towering cliff of parental rights resistance — not even in the privacy of the home. When [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook, by John Frye

Harm in Holy Things Imagining that merely possessing and studying the Scriptures, some of the Pharisees believed they had life; life with God in God’s kingdom (John 5:39-40). They were Book-obsessed; book worms; jot and tittle types who boasted in owning “the oracles of God.”  When “the Word made flesh” actually stood before, opposed, and [Read More…]

Greg Boyd and Hostile Forces

When it comes spiritual warfare, Greg Boyd offers a distinct viewpoint, one from which many of us can learn. In his study, “The Ground-Level Deliverance Model” [I would call his view the Cosmic Battle Model], in Understanding Spiritual Warfare, Boyd presents his theory that the Bible contains gobs of evidence for God at war with the [Read More…]