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My Favorite Sports Moment

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That’s a Serious Dust Storm

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Mars Hill Collaborative: Announcement

An announcement from Mars Hill about the collaborative where I will be speaking… Mars Hill Students Collaborative with Scot McKnight– February 9, 2013 How Do We Talk With Our Students about the Gospel? Over 2 years ago, Mars Hill’s Student Ministry developed a new youth ministry training opportunity that pairs engaging speakers and content with [Read More…]

Fellowship Shaped Faith

Not a few voices today have called into question the creeds and confessions as the formative element of our faith. Very few have offered anything as a genuinely useful alternative. Again, we can all sit down after our own Bible study and theological alertness, lay out the Nicene Creed and the Chalcedon Definition and then [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings: January 12, 2013

Roger Olson‘s once again giving Calvinists the raspberries for failing to represent Arminians accurately: “I hope to see the day when no Calvinist author will write about Arminian theology without representing it correctly and fairly. I had hoped that by now that would be the case. My hopes were dashed by McGowan (and his editor [Read More…]