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New Strategy for Women: Be Disruptive

By Whitney Johnson and Tara Mohr: Academic institutions are churning out ever-more female graduates. But the very skills that propel women to the top of the class in school are earning us middle-of the-pack marks in the workplace. Indeed, a recent study found that women account for 51.4% of middle managers in the U.S. but only 4.2% [Read More…]

What’s So Hard about Grading?

From John Tierney: Teachers: What’s the hardest element of grading for you? I know that some teachers actually enjoy grading. They say they find it interesting to see what their students have learned and how they’re doing. I admire that attitude. And it’s certainly true that there is the positive feeling that comes from the [Read More…]

Meaning in Pain Proves there’s a God (Jeff Cook)

Meaning in Pain Proves There’s a God (Jeff Cook) Today we hit what I see as the second best reason to believe in a God, and as I outline in more detail in Everything New, this is the reason I not only believe in a God, but a very specific God. Anyone who thinks seriously about God has [Read More…]

Louie Giglio and Inauguration Day Prayer

Louie Giglio did the right thing when he chose to back out of offering the Inauguration Day Prayer. He could have done the right-er thing by never accepting such an invitation. The story is that Louie was invited to pray at Inauguration Day — he represents young, conservative evangelicals and the drive by the same [Read More…]