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Jobs and Stress Ratings

Kyle Kensing: Jobs in the military once again top the Jobs Rated rankings of the most stressful careers in 2013…. Among civilian careers, firefighter is ranked the most highly on the Jobs Rated stress scale. The job’s danger is apparent: running into burning buildings and dropping into forest fires calls for nerves and bravery few other [Read More…]

Eggs and Health

From Berkeley Wellness Letter: Eggs have a bad reputation because of their high cholesterol content: 210 milligrams in the yolk of a large egg. But, in fact, they do not raise blood cholesterol in most people—and they may even be good for your heart in some ways. Here’s the latest on eggs. Eggs and your [Read More…]

Same-Sex Relationships and Steve Chalke

From Tony Campolo: What a federal government determines to be law is one thing; what the church blesses it endorses; what it endorses must be demonstrated from Scripture. It appears to me Steve Chalke thinks a local church is a right for all. Tony Campolo’s view remains conservative (as is mine) and he urges evangelicals [Read More…]

Is God Just? (RJS)

The first of three cycles of speeches in the debate between Job and his friends covers Job 4-14. Each of the friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, reprove Job and Job responds to their charge. Job also reflects on his desire for a hearing in the heavenly court and either looks forward to death or wishes [Read More…]

Controversial View in Spiritual Warfare

The word “controversy” and “C. Peter Wagner” stand next to one another when it comes to spiritual warfare. Wagner, a missiologist whose views on spiritual warfare have been transformed from “field” studies and from the social sciences, has made rather well known a view of spiritual warfare involving “territorial spirits.” He’s got a number of [Read More…]