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European Courts and Christianity

From London (CNN) — A British Christian woman suffered religious discrimination when British Airways told her not to wear a visible cross over her uniform, a top European court ruled Tuesday. However, three other British Christians lost related religious discrimination claims at the European Court of Human Rights…. However, the court found that three other [Read More…]

Women and Hedge Funds

Matthew Yglesias: Evidence of intra-firm gender discrimination in the assignment of tasks and irrational aversion to appointing women to boards of directors is fascinating to me not only because sexism is an important issue, but because there’s a very clear and simple theoretical argument that this kind of widespread gender discrimination can’t exist. In a well-functioning competitive marketplace, firms [Read More…]

Either Change, or We’re Goners

From Cathy Davidson: OK, profs, what say you? There are at least four reasons why, now, a lot of attention is being paid to replacing profs with computer screens. (1)  Too many students worldwide want to go to college to be able to accommodate them all.  This is one of the valid and important reasons [Read More…]

Freedom and God (Jeff Cook)

#1 reason for God: Love and Freedom Whether you are a committed materialist, a believer in God, or something quite different—knowing why you come down where you do on this question is a mark of a good character, of a thoughtful soul, of a person who cares about what reality is like. Today we hit [Read More…]

What is an Evangelical? Prototypes

A very good article by Roger Olson proposes another dimension of defining who is and who is not an evangelical, and it has to do with finding prototypes. I’m game for a discussion of this. The entire blog post by Roger is worth your reading, but here is a clip: Thus, I argue that evangelicalism, [Read More…]