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White Noise

From Sarah Hoye: “Statistics suggest that as a young, black man, you have a greater chance of being shot and killed in Philadelphia than you would have if you were a soldier serving in the conflicts in Afghanistan or Iraq,” Charles said. “That’s absurd to me.”… So where’s the nation’s outrage? Daily, inner-city gun violence [Read More…]

The Missing Link

The missing link for many young adults is the one that runs from ownership/possession/gadget to labor. That is, a connection is broken between how much one has to work in order to own something (like an iPhone). Because so many are given so much the connection between labor and possessions is broken. One of the [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: The Pastor’s Mt Everest

No Pain, No Gain In the last post I mentioned that so many of us desire a cruciform life but without any pain. Most of us long to know the “power of Christ’s resurrection” without entering into “the fellowship of his sufferings.” The irony is that many of us love sports, too. What is the [Read More…]

MOOC Divinity School

Here’s a bit of futurism by one who is only guessing about the future of seminary education and, while I don’t think this will occur just like the sketch below, I do foresee a day when something along this line will become a genuine, if not disastrous, option: At MOOC (massive open online course) Divinity [Read More…]