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Barometer Trees

From Lindsay Abrams: The blight was first detected in June 2002, when the trees in Canton, Michigan, got sick. The culprit, the emerald ash borer, had arrived from overseas, and it rapidly spread — a literal bug — across state and national lines to Ohio, Minnesota, Ontario. It popped up in more distant, seemingly random [Read More…]

“Pastor in Chief”?

Andy Stanley preached in DC to the President and a select audience before the Inauguration. CT’s Mark Galli interviewed Andy about the event: In the sermon, you referred to the President as “Pastor in Chief.” That phrase has caused a great deal of anxiety among people. First, I understand the anxiety. If I had read [Read More…]

How Could a Good God Allow Suffering? (RJS)

Chapter 2 of Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God broaches the problem of pain. Given the pain and suffering in the world – either God is not good or God does not exist. This argument has many variations but there is an underlying thread of continuity. Certainly there is a great deal of pain [Read More…]

Jesus and the State

Christians show a mixed bag of thinking about the church and the state or the Christian and the state. Most seek in some way to anchor their thoughts in what Jesus said. What did he say about the state? Political thinker Alan Storkey, in his Jesus and Politics: Confronting the Powers, proposes a four point summary [Read More…]