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Challenges for Public Schools

From Elena Ferrarin: That we are driven to this is depressing. What do you think? A “lockdown” drill Wednesday at Cary-Grove High School that included simulated gun shots — an element that had drawn criticism from some parents — went smoothly, district officials said. The drill took place at about 9 a.m. and lasted no [Read More…]

Challenges for Multi-Racial Churches

From Brad Wright, a sketch of the challenges when churches are multi-racial: When churches do seek racial integration, it can bear substantial costs. Among the possible costs that scholars have identified: Churches feel like they are losing their identity Churches have less feeling of group solidarity Worship services are reworked Decision making processes are changed [Read More…]

When Work Goes Wrong (RJS)

I posted a few weeks ago on the first part of Tim Keller’s new book Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work. I am not an uncritical fan of everything Keller has written. Perhaps I shouldn’t have added the last – but I am not recommending the book simply because it was written [Read More…]

Understanding Conversion

Do you think folks convert at a single moment or do you think it happens (for some) over time? Do you think it happens different for different people — some all at once and others over time? Let me give a big sociological sketch first. Studies reveal that folks, in a general sense, “convert” to [Read More…]