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Why is this a story?

Just not sure why this is a story. (CNN) — Yes, Beyoncé can sing — all by herself, thank you very much. That much she showed Thursday, when she opened her appearance before reporters in New Orleans — where she’s set to headline the Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance Sunday — with a stirring, a cappella [Read More…]

Culture Leaders, Culture Questions

I grabbed this bit from JR Briggs, but he gives us some very good questions we need to be asking. Eh? If a leader is a culture-changer then it’s important to be tireless student of thecurrent culture and to ask wisely and courageously what type of culture is needed to build a hopeful future. A leader is constantly [Read More…]

Affordable Healthcare Concession

From AP: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration on Friday proposed a work-around for religious nonprofits that object to providing health insurance that covers birth control. The government’s new regulation attempts to create a barrier between religious groups and contraception coverage, through insurers or a third party, that would still give women free access to [Read More…]

Obama’s Second Inaugural

Diana Butler Bass, well-known progressive American Christian and author, may well want to capture President Obama’s Second Inaugural as a species of progressive theology, but some of us would like to see a little more about African American liberation theology. Still, what do you think of her analysis? It was not only a politically progressive [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

Jesus the Poster Boy From the get-go, I (John Frye) am an amateur poet. In the last post we read Eugene Peterson’s affirmation of poetry: “Poetry is language used with intensity. … Poets tell us what our eyes, blurred with too much gawking, and our ears, dulled with too much chatter, miss around and within [Read More…]

If Your Child is Gay

Parents, when you discovered your child was gay what did you think? What have you heard parents, siblings, friends, pastors, leaders, etc. said? This is a question that naturally arises in Justin Lee’s heartfelt book Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate. Before I get to that question, and to the advice Justin Lee — a [Read More…]