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Best Super Bowl Ever?

Here is the chart, measured by its own criteria, but there’s one gaping hole. The best game ever was when the Bears beat the Patriots. What was your favorite Super Bowl ever? [Read more…]

Saturday Mail Will End

What do you think? Will you miss it?  The Postal Service said it would cut back to five-day-a-week deliveries for everything except packages. Thanks in part to Internet commerce and communications and its own costs, the department lost almost $16 billion last year. It hopes to save $2 billion annually with the Saturday cutback. “Things [Read More…]

Pope Benedict XVI to Resign

From WSJ: ROME—Pope Benedict XVI intends to resign at the end of this month as he feels he lacks the energy to continue in the job, his spokesman said Monday. The pontiff announced his plans in the Vatican in Latin at a consistory meeting on Monday, the spokesman said. The resignation, which will be effective [Read More…]

Threshold Evangelism

Below is the outline I used, or most of the outline, in my opening session at the Mars Hill Youth Workers Collaborative, hosted at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids and facilitated professionally by Steve Argue. This session develops ideas into a new area that are found in my King Jesus Gospel. Where are you seeing “threshold” [Read More…]

What is a Liberal anyway?

Roger Olson speaks: Roger lists paradigmatic theological liberals as Schleiermacher and Marcus Borg, I’d add Harvey Cox as another example. One observation: over the years I’ve seen lots of evangelicals “drift” into liberalism. Quite often they refuse to admit they are liberals. What happens is that they absorb evangelicalism’s denunciation of liberals as non-Christians while [Read More…]