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Ben Witherington on Picking the Next Pope

Ben Witherington’s suggestions all boil down to this: Don’t pick a Roman Catholic! 1) Pick someone over 50 but under 65 for a change. We need a younger person with fresh ideas not to mention someone in the peak of physical health. [How many Cardinals are under 65?] 2) If you can find someone who [Read More…]

Gary Wills on Papal Authority

From NYTimes: THERE is a poignant air, almost wistful, to electing a pope in the modern world. In a time of discredited monarchies, can this monarchy survive and be relevant? There is nostalgia for the assurances of the past, quaint in their charm, but trepidation over their survivability. In monarchies, change is supposed to come [Read More…]

Revisiting Hell (RJS)

In the next chapter of The Reason for God Keller addresses a question that has been discussed repeatedly on this blog over the last few years: “How can a loving God send people to hell?” Given the amount of space that has already been devoted to this question, perhaps it would be better to skip the [Read More…]

What is a Fundamentalist anyway?

Another good post from my friend Roger Olson: There is an ethos, or at least environment, about fundamentalism that breaks somewhat from a theological sketch of it (as Roger provides here), and that ethos is what I call “zealotry” (here and here). That is, a desire to be so committed to God that one constructs [Read More…]