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Tubby Smith — Danceshaking

Tubby Smith, relentless coach that he is to make his teams better on D, lets loose with some danceshaking. One suspects Tubby might now become the darling of college students: [Read more…]

David Fitch and Tim Keller

My colleague and friend, David Fitch, posts a first in a series review of Tim Keller’s book on the church. Here are the critical paragraphs: Yet two questions emerge for me from Keller’s reading of the gospel and church. 1.) Is this really contextualizing the gospel? Or is it interpreting/translating all of life experience through [Read More…]

Oscar Pistorius

Maybe the most astute comment I’ve read on the sad story about Oscar Pistorius, by Bruce Arthur: So when an ex-girlfriend, Samantha Taylor, told a South African paper last year that “Oscar is certainly not what people think he is” — before her lawyer delivered a letter saying she withdrew everything she said — should [Read More…]

Relationships Have Changed

This old piece from Esquire magazine from 1949 shows how much has changed. This can go in several directions for conversation, but what this illustrates at least is that perceptions of the attractiveness etc change over time. One wonders what will happen to what we think is attractive today… the same… in a generation it [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

John Frye’s final of three posts on pastoring and passion and poems. Passion or Perfection “Poets are caretakers of language, the shepherds of words, keeping them from harm, exploitation, misuse…. Poets are not primarily trying to tell us, or get us, to do something…they draw us into deeper respect both for words and the reality [Read More…]

A Question for the Apostle Paul

“How should we live?” That’s the question so many today want to ask Paul — and about as many answers as the numbers of those who ask him the question! There are tensions when one asks this question of Paul — he was after a Jew and a Jew would say “Obey the commands.” But [Read More…]