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Federal Budget Cuts

What might happen if the budget cuts go through? From military training to educational grants to border patrols to hurricane relief, federal agencies face $85 billion in automatic, government-wide spending cuts this year. It was part of a $1.2 trillion deal struck by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in 2011 to extend U.S. [Read More…]

Gospels and Contradictions, Mike Licona

There is a bit of a dustup among the Baptists in the south (not sure how to name this set of connections) over Mike Licona’s discussion of the “contradictions” of the Gospels, in which he makes a thoroughly helpful comparison of the Gospels to Plutarch’s own five accounts of the death of Caesar. His conclusions [Read More…]

What is a Progressive Anyway?

This post is by Bo Sanders,  a self-confessed progressive who will sketch how he distinguishes progressive from liberal. Questions: Who are the progressives? Who are the liberals? Do liberals see themselves as progressives? Roger Olson caused some ripples last week when he posted “Why I am not a Liberal Christian”.  Then Scot McKnight went and took [Read More…]

Lent: On the Way to the Cross 2

Expectations. We all have them. Expectations can control us; they usually shape us. What are our expectations? Lent can transform our expectations. Consider Mary and Peter as their expectations were transformed. Since I was a little guy I’ve heard that when Jesus asked Peter who he (Jesus) was, Peter blurted out “Messiah!” But no sooner [Read More…]