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Women and Business

The State of Women Owned Businesses – An infographic by the team at The State of Women Owned Businesses [Read more…]

College-Educated: Women vs. Men (wow)

See this piece from Jordan Weissmann? Where should the single woman not live? Are you a young, college-educated woman? Are you looking to settle down one day with a young, college-educated man? A word of advice: Stay away from Sarasota, Florida. No offense intended to Sarasota’s bachelors — I’m sure they’re lovely. But for every ten guys under [Read More…]

The Island of Grace

In her beautiful memoir, Surviving the Island of Grace: A Memoir of Alaska, Leslie Leyland Fields maps the terrain of an isolated place — one small island (Bear Island) off the coast of a larger island (Kodiak) and then another small island (Harvester). The life Leslie lives on Harvester beckons time and time again themes of [Read More…]

Back to the Bible with Justin Lee

In his now influential book, Torn, Justin Lee goes “back to the Bible” in his own experience and in this book to determine what the Bible says, and his claim is that whatever it teaches he’s willing to follow. I don’t think it would be unfair to Justin Lee to add “what it teaches clearly …”. He offers [Read More…]