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Top 10 Time Killers – An infographic by the team at OfficeTime Time Tracking [Read more…]

DIY Spirituality

Joel J. Miller writes good posts, and this clip from a recent one one tweaks some noses: Believers in largely ritual-less forms of Christianity, for instance, have trouble establishing a healthy sense of self, according to Danish philosopher Matias Møl Dalsgaard of Aarhus University. Rather than getting direction from tradition (including the church calendar, regular periods of [Read More…]

Connecting Gospel and Work (RJS)

The final section of Tim Keller’s new book Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work explores the ways in which the gospel should shape and focus our work. The four chapters in this section cover a new story, conception, compass, and power for work. What story do you see yourself as a part [Read More…]

An Old Question Not Yet Settled

An issue for conversation, an issue I find arising more and more often in New Testament discussion. That issue is often called “supersessionism.” At work here is a simple question: What happened to Israel (or to Judaism, or to faithful Jews) when Jesus came? Did Jesus “replace” Israel with his kingdom people, the church? (That [Read More…]