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Writing Tips

This piece by Raul Pacheco-Vega hits some very important points. 1. Write every day. 2. Give yourself the best tools to write. 3. Write as you would speak (aka, read it aloud as you write). 4. Have others read to give you feedback. 5. Read a lot, read across disciplines. [I would say read good [Read More…]

How we spend our funds

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Lent: On the Way to the Cross 3

Our series intertwines the life of Mary and Peter as two prime examples of how the earliest followers of Jesus struggled to make sense of the scandalous nature of a mission that involved crucifixion. Last Monday we looked at the theme of expectation. Today I’d like to consider how both Mary and Peter participated expectantly [Read More…]

How much Torah for Christians?

When the apostles gathered in Jerusalem for the first-ever church council, recorded in Acts 15, the debate centered around one issue: Should Gentile converts to faith in Jesus be required to be circumcised in order to be full members of God’s People? After all, they reasoned, circumcision was an eternal commandment from the days of [Read More…]