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Sadness for Parenting

From, by Sabrina James: ( — Last night I sat down to watch the Oscar red carpet with my 6-year-old daughter Kaia. She played dress-up with her American Girl doll while I followed the commentary on Twitter. “Look, Mommy! Julie’s all ready for the red carpet,” she exclaimed, showing off the updo she created for [Read More…]

Why Medical Bills are Killing Us

From Time, by Steven Brill, and this set of clips from Josh Wooden … and we need to have a good conversation about the issues raised in this article: Why are costs so high? We all have some crazy stories about some medical item or procedure. When I had shoulder surgery, about a decade ago, [Read More…]

You Can’t Take the Bible Literally – Right? (RJS)

Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God grew out of his experience talking with young professionals and others skeptical of Christian faith. The questions are similar to those raised on many college campuses – among both faculty and students. Come on, many ask us today, you can’t really take the Bible literally—Can you? Or more [Read More…]

Liberating the Captives

When it comes to the one, holy, universal and apostolic church, the most glaring lack in the modern church is the “one” term. Instead of a one-Body church, the church is a fractured community of diverse voices. So much so that there are branches or segments of the church that are often unheard. A friend [Read More…]