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Question for Texas

Why do people from Texas call it “barbecue” when it’s not even pork? [Read more…]


The Christian should care both about extreme wealth and poverty, the former because money easily becomes idolatrous and the latter because Christians are to love all and anyone in pain and misery ought to experience the grace of Christians. This recent set of graphs reveals the Top 1% are getting richer and richer while the [Read More…]

In Christ there is neither…

You may well know the rest of the verse … In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male and female. The verse comes from Galatians, that great magna carta of liberty in Christ, from the 3d chapter at verse 28. A number of models have been constructed to figure out what [Read More…]

Who’s Your Neighbor?

Three quick observations: One. Jesus said the whole Torah was fulfilled in learning to love God and to love our neighbors. I call this the Jesus Creed, others call this the Great Commandments. Two. Jesus illustrated love of neighbors with the Good Samaritan, who had the wrong answers (theologically) but the right kind of love. [Read More…]


[Read more…]