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Sports Claims

Football will never replace baseball as America’s sport. (Reason: Marching bands at half time.) [Read more…]

Sequester Fatigue

David Gergen: You agree? (CNN) — In travels this week — to Boston, Chicago, New York — friends and strangers alike have said the same thing: They are turned off and tuned out of the sequestration mess in Washington. To a person, they are sick of the antics of those to whom they have entrusted enormous [Read More…]

Evolution Isn’t the Problem (RJS)

The science and faith discussion floats around a number of different issues. They intertwine with each other and can’t be separated completely. Yet one thread runs through and holds together the whole – ontological naturalism, the idea that it is irrational to believe in anything beyond the material world. This issue came up again in [Read More…]

Flannery and Jesus

Many of us know the story of the prodigal son. A father on an estate has two sons, the older one obedient and compliant, the younger one wild and adventurous. The younger one comes to the father, asks for his share of the estate, and proceeds to dump the contents of his father’s wealth into [Read More…]