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Fountain Pen Reality

It doesn’t make you more intelligent, even if makes you feel intelligent. (HT: SS) My favorite fountain pen is made by Pelikan. [Read more…]

CS Lewis on Prayer — Audio

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Can we compare religions? Brian Zahnd

I know Brian Zahnd and found his courage here both refreshing and honest: But am I suggesting that we should engage in an objective study of comparative religions? No. In fact, I think such an undertaking is impossible. Not inadvisable, but literally impossible. You can only experience a religion by being a believer within the faith and [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Dark Night of the Soul

By John Frye: Dark Night Two types of “being lost” can be very spiritually dangerous. We have all lost something—car keys, money, perhaps a child in a busy mall. I remember the deep bewilderment I felt in the Frankfurt, Germany huge airport when I got separated from my travel companions and missed a connecting flight. [Read More…]

Sydney Anglicanism

This post is by Brian Harris, whose contact information is at the bottom. Sydney Anglicanism is the rough parallel movement in Australia to the NeoPuritan or NeoReformed movement in the USA. Sydney Anglicans have become a forceful evangelical movement, and it has become also a common target of criticism. I asked Brian Harris, noted theologian [Read More…]