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Working from Home

By Farhad Manjoo: Working at home isn’t for everyone. As a writer, I work according to what Y Combinator’s Paul Graham calls the “maker’s schedule.” My job requires long stretches of distraction-free time, and my output, on any particular day, is sensitive to my mood and environment. Working at home gives me the freedom to [Read More…]

Moms and the Work Place

Joanne Bamberger challenges recent claims by the Women of Yahoo and Facebook: What do you think? If you want to see markers of female empowerment, just look at two of the tech industry’s biggest stars. Marissa Mayer signed on as CEO of Yahoo while pregnant. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is casting herself as a [Read More…]

Nancy Beach, Women and Ministry

From Almost 30 years ago when I started serving on staff as a church leader, my role on the Management Team was somewhat pioneering, at least for our church. As the first female on that team, and later, the first female Teaching Pastor, I sought to do the work of ministry as best I [Read More…]

Seminary Life Today 1

This is from my friend and colleague at Northern Seminary, Greg Henson. SMcK intro: Seminary life is a reality that needs to be known. In this series of posts by Greg we will be exposed to some realities about seminary life, and this can both encourage some to attend seminary (you will not be alone [Read More…]

On the Way to the Cross 4

For Mary and Peter, life changed over a sword and a few words. The flash of Simeon’s sword opened Mary’s eyes and turned her expectations and participations inside out. The express words of Jesus to Peter stopped him dead in his tracks about how the Messiah would usher in the kingdom. We might say it [Read More…]