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Go Run on Dunkin’!

A man attempted to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts and a fast-thinking worker used coffee as her (anabaptist-approved) weapon: When the clerk refused to make the change, the man announced he was robbing the store and tried to climb through the window, police said. “He rushed himself, tried to get out of his car. That’s when [Read More…]

Northern’s DMin in Missional Leadership

For us at Northern and involved in the DMin program the good reasons to do a D. Min: Get trained to lead my church into the new challenges of ministry in context. Get trained to be a leader/change agent resource for the churches around me geographically. Get trained to become a capable practicing contextual theologian [Read More…]

Pets at Work?

From USAToday: INDIANAPOLIS — Employers and employees are acknowledging the advantages and benefits of a growing office trend that allows pets in the workplace. And now there’s research to support what some have known for years. According to a Virginia Commonwealth Universitystudy, employees who bring their dogs to work produced lower levels of the stress-causing hormone cortisol. [Read More…]

Collective Outrage

Dean Obeidallah: But here’s the thing: Why not also unleash our collective fury over issues more meaningful than just a comedian’s joke or a celebrity’s tweet? I’m not suggesting we ignore those — because even if I did, no one would listen. But in addition to those, take a moment to express your powerful outrage [Read More…]

The Historic Christian Faith (RJS)

Following Tim Keller in The Reason for God we have now presented and discussed seven of the biggest objections raised against the Christian faith. None of these objections are fatal to the historic Christian faith when examined objectively. But this is not enough Keller says — it is time to go beyond doubts and questions [Read More…]

A Courageous Biography of CS Lewis

Two of the most influential voices in evangelicalism were not evangelicals themselves, though they have been claimed for evangelicalism and many younger thinkers can’t imagine their not being evangelicals. Those two are Dietrich Bonhoeffer, an orthodox Lutheran, and C.S. Lewis, an Anglican with the sensibility of a “mere” kind of Christianity. In their day neither [Read More…]