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Something to be proud of…

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How the Internet Has Changed the World

An amazing info graphic: Source: How the Internet Changed the World [Read more…]

Tale of Two Catholic Churches

From Hans Küng: There’s no way to ignore the church’s desperate needs. There is a catastrophic shortage of priests, in Europe and in Latin America and Africa. Huge numbers of people have left the church or gone into “internal emigration,” especially in the industrialized countries. There has been an unmistakable loss of respect for bishops [Read More…]

Best to Listen to Paul

One hundred years ago Roland Allen wrote a book that shaped the last century of missionary thinking and missionary praxis. Former missionary, Roland Allen, laid much of it out in a book called Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? Missions today is not what missions was then, and the confidence in Western Christians in their missionary [Read More…]

Seminary Life Today 2

Following up on Monday’s post, another one from Northern Seminary’s Greg Henson: 81% of all incoming seminary students do not expect to have a parish ministry position. Less than half of all incoming students plan to be ordained. School websites account for more incoming students than all traditional advertising combined. Below is the second of [Read More…]