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A Good Pushback

Elaine Glaser probes: Instructions to appreciate the wonder of science are everywhere. There’s the Wonder season organised jointly by the Barbican and the Wellcome Trust which starts tomorrow; the Science Museum’s World Wonders Trail; the parliamentary select committee report on introducing wonder to the national curriculum; and the 2011 TED conference titledThe Rediscovery of Wonder. But am I alone in finding [Read More…]

Women in First Century Synagogues

From Rabbi Joshua: Question: What do women do by way of leadership in messianic Judaism today? During the Second Temple period in ancient Israel, women were able to actively participate within the larger society, both socially and religiously. Women served as leaders of synagogues, participated in ritual services, learned and taught Jewish law, were counted in a minyan, and [Read More…]

The Music of Life (RJS)

Several years ago Denis Noble published an interesting little book The Music of Life: Biology Beyond Genes. The reductionist approach to biology described on a popular level by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene considers the purpose of any organism simply to provide a casing ensuring the survival of the genes. Information flows [Read More…]

Jesus’ Major Sermon

No one disputes that Jesus’ most important sermon, or at least the most famous and influential of his sermons, is the Sermon the Mount (or Plain) found in Matthew 5–7 and Luke 6:17-49. There are two basic options for this Great Sermon: it’s for us or it’s not. We can nuance this: it’s for us [Read More…]