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Why the Neanderthals Died Out…

From The Atlantic: The dinosaurs, per the popular theory, were done in by an object fitting to their size and splendor: an asteroid. But what about those other earthly old-timers, the Neanderthals? How did they meet their collective fate? According to a new proposal, they were done in by objects considerably less celestial than an asteroid, [Read More…]

Marriage Tension: Chores

From WENDY KLEIN, CAROLINA IZQUIERDO, & THOMAS N. BRADBURY: Insightful. Couples are composed of individuals who coordinate their behaviors in relation to one another. In working families—where both adults work outside the home and raise school-aged children—the challenge of coordinating behaviors to meet family needs is especially great. The emotional tone of family life pivots to [Read More…]

Legalism: Old and New Perspectives

Over the years my own thinking about legalism has become more nuanced but I want to map out what legalism is in the context of the New Testament. After years of teaching Galatians and pondering legalism in Paul’s mind, I’m convinced many get confused about what the word “legalism” means. Thus, folks say “That’s legalism!” [Read More…]

On the Way to the Cross 5

Mary and Peter, on the way to the cross, had to learn first that it was the cross that was coming — and that meant unlearning that the expectations and anticipations would be jolted with an utterly new reality. God’s saving ways revealed on the cross. John 2. Mary is evidently held responsible for the [Read More…]