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Used by God: Sarah Bessey

From Sarah Bessey: “God wants to use you.” I have had to yank that lie right out of the ground, burn it like chaff. I know we mean well, of course we do. We say things like: “oh,  I just want to be used by God!” We sing songs: “use me, Jesus!” and we mean so [Read More…]

Not “for me” but “to me”

I like my education, not for what it did “for me” but what it did “to me.” Which being interpreted means “not what it did for me in getting me employed” but what it “did to me in making me a different person.” So I like this clip from a good article by Justin Marquis: [Read More…]

The Heavens Declare (RJS)

One of the commonly invoked arguments in any discussion of natural theology and the evidence for God is the Anthropic Principle – or put simply, the fact that the universe in which we live is incredibly finely tuned to support the existence of life as we know it. Tim Keller brings this up as one [Read More…]

Living the Parables of Jesus Today

On this blog I’ve maintained a number of times that the parables of Jesus invite us to imagine another world, to imagine the kingdom of God, and they do this by creating a world, by inviting us into that world, and then — like an experience in Narnia — depositing us back in this world [Read More…]