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On Parenting … on praising

From Dr Michelle Borba: 4 Signs Your Kid May Be Over-Praised In all fairness, for years parents have been encouraged to “praise” their kids — and to do so lavishly. Reams of parenting books stress the value of giving kids all those accolades and acknowledgements–al those “Good job!” comments help our kids develop self-esteem! In [Read More…]

Grateful… a guest post

From Mary Elizabeth Fisher: I just watched the mid day news…a hundred plus elderly men, really, nearly, all white, all walking in slow procession, dressed in red and I was grateful… Grateful for John’s record of Jesus going through hated Samaria and talking to a woman whose life of sexual intimacy was not one of [Read More…]

Great Suspicion

Our weekly post From the Shepherd’s Nook by John Frye A Great Suspicion While at Fuller Theological Seminary studying the history and practice of the spiritual disciplines, an opening statement by Dr. James E. Bradley, church historian, jolted me by its simplicity and frankness. “Most Christians think that true spirituality began with Martin Luther and [Read More…]

Sermons and their Source

I once read a piece in the New York Times about pastors swiping sermons from sermon sources. I’m wondering what you think. Here are my thoughts. I once was in a situation with a pastor admitted to using sermons from sermon sources, and he also said he hadn’t thought there was anything wrong with it. What most [Read More…]