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Now Drinking Ruli Mountain

I’m drinking Ruli Mountain from Land of a Thousand Hills, a very fine coffee. Light and sweet. Floral with hints of apricot and roasted almond. Maybe a touch of chocolate, too. One of the delights of Land of a Thousand Hills coffee is their logo: Drink Coffee. Do Good. Land of a Thousand Hills is [Read More…]

If You Want to Be Happy, Don’t….

… From Jonathan Mead: In reality, it’s the tension of your mind that causes unhappiness.  If you’re not happy, it’s because your mind is focused on something that’s making you unhappy.  And why is your mind doing this?  Because you’re stuck in a viciouscycle of misdirected judgment, productivity and purpose that has you thinking about [Read More…]


Scientists are using DNA to re-introduce formerly extinct species. How about re-introducing some dinosaurs? But where? Just a few days ago, we were asking if de-extinction was possible, and today, we’re a huge step closer to bringing recently extinct species back to life. Researchers have announced that they’ve grown early-stage embryos of the gastric-brooding frog, a species [Read More…]

Doubt, The Reformation, and Sola Fide (RJS)

Lord I believe; help thou my unbelief. I took part in a scholarly discussion recently – not in a Christian context. In the course of this discussion it was suggested that the Reformation insistence on confessed faith, and more importantly on faith as the path to salvation (sole fide), created an understanding of doubt as [Read More…]

John Piper and the Pope: Some Observations

John Piper recently upgraded a rather narrowed comment he made during the papacy of Benedict XVI, and here are his words: A few years ago, I was asked on camera what I would say to the Pope if I had two minutes with him. I said I would ask him what he believed about justification. The video [Read More…]