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Amazon Prime

From Time: Even more interesting than the growing Prime ranks is what Prime seems to do to subscribers. A 2010 Businessweek story stated that Amazon Prime broke even within three months of launching, not the two years predicted by its creators. That’s because customers spent as much as 150% more at Amazon after they became Prime members. Subscribers not [Read More…]

Today’s the Day

From Justin Welby, new Archbishop of the Church of England: Justin Welby will be enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury today, marking the official start of his public ministry. He will be enthroned in two special seats in Canterbury Cathedral in a ceremony due to be attended by 2,000 guests including the Prince of Wales, David [Read More…]

Christian Mingle: Rethinking

Jon Merritt, at RNS: Perhaps we can excuse ChristianMingle for a bit of shallowness. After all, they are operated by marketers, not theologians. The site is owned by Beverly Hills-based Spark Networks. The company also owns Adventist Singles Connection, BlackSingles, DeafSingles Connection,CatholicMingle, as well as sites for Mormons, Jews, military members, and plus-size women(and the men who want to date them). But [Read More…]

Keller and THE PROBLEM (RJS)

We do not live in the Garden of Eden (Utopia, Shangri La, Paradise — you name it). Most of us would agree that it is self evident that something is fundamentally wrong with the world we currently occupy. The 20th century, with genocide, war, greed, injustice, and selfishness, has disabused the optimistic view of the [Read More…]

Prayerbooks: Our Teacher

I’m curious: What is your practice when it comes to the use of set prayers? Do you pray through a psalm or the Psalms? Do you pray with prayer books? Do you, as Kris and I do, use prayer books like Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime? Which are your favorites if you do use prayer [Read More…]