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This Your Church?

These are the newest numbers about Bible engagement from Barna: [Read more…]

A New Day? Income Numbers

From Dennis Cauchon: She’s a soldier. He’s a stay-at-home dad. She works at a booming software company. He’s starting a graphic design business. She’s a business executive and electrical engineer. He’s quit many jobs to move for her career advancements. These are real-life examples of how changing gender roles and an evolving economy have reshaped [Read More…]

Lost in Conversation: Time for a Witness

How do Christians go about their world as a witness without falling into one of two approaches today that don’t get the job done? The first method is the bold, unapologetic, shove-it-in-your-face-with-love approach one sometimes observes in public places. The other approach is the conversational approach, the kind of conversation where we get lost in [Read More…]

I’m with Tim, I’m not with Tim

At CT, Tim Dalrymple, indefatigable editor at Patheos, wrote one of the essays on what to do if the SCOTUS supports same-sex marriage by striking down DOMA. Tim Keller, too, has said a few things, and I’d like to take this opportunity to say Tim Keller stereotypes the Anabaptist approach into something that is less [Read More…]