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Cathleen Falsani: This reminds me of Pope Francis, who has accepted the label of “Holy Father” but prefers to refer to himself the “Bishop of Rome.” In doing so, he’s not denying his role as pontiff, but he is telegraphing the idea that he is much more comfortable with a more humble position. He is [Read More…]

How did Jesus understand his death?

How Did Jesus Understand His Own Death? Brian Zahnd A question for Good Friday: How did Jesus understand his own death? What meaning did Jesus give to his crucifixion? Did Jesus have a “theology of the cross”? Jesus repeatedly predicted his own death by crucifixion to his inner-circle of disciples, but did Jesus ever speak [Read More…]

The (True?) Story of the Cross (RJS)

Holy Week culminating in Easter Sunday is the pivotal week and powerful week in the Christian calendar because it remembers and celebrates the central events in the Christian story- crucifixion and resurrection. The next two chapters of Tim Keller’s book €™ The Reason for God focus on these two events – crucifixion (Ch. 12) and [Read More…]

Relational Ministry is not a Strategy

In the history of thought the one person who plumbed the depths of relationship was Martin Buber in his famous I and Thou. That book deserves to be read again and again by pastors and leaders in order to comprehend both our relation to God and our relation to others. Few ministry books have plumbed that [Read More…]