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Women in Ministry: Summer Course at Northern

This summer at Northern Seminary I will teach a public-open course on Women in Ministry. Here is a list of our summer offerings, and my course on Women in Ministry will be taught June 17-21. Here’s the official edu-scoop: Women in Ministry will focus on understanding, recognizing and encouraging the gifts God has given to [Read More…]

Using Commentaries by Women: John Piper’s Response

At Desiring God, Episode 56 of Ask Pastor John is about whether reading and quoting from a commentary written by a woman violates John’s reading of 1 Timothy 2:12. Here’s the link. I’ve heard other hiearchicalists respond to this question as John Piper responds and I would call what I have heard “exegetical gymnastics.” There [Read More…]

Learning from Lesbians (Jeff Cook)

This post is by Jeff Cook and describes what he has learned about the church and about the Christian faith from two lesbians in his church community in Colorado. My discussions with pastors around the USA have revealed to me that at the local level the presence (and the non-presence by exclusion) of persons who [Read More…]

Listening to God

Anyone who engages in public discussions about the Bible seems to follow a predictable path — one learns most people don’t care or reverence the Bible, many think it’s all a matter of interpretation, and along come the apologists who think the Bible’s inerrancy has to be defended in order to maintain its authority, and [Read More…]