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Jim’s Rule

My friend, Jim, has a rule when he goes out to dinner with friends. Everyone has to put their smart phone on the dinner table and the first person to pick up the phone has to pay for the table. Why? Here’s why: SAN FRANCISCO — Brittany Morton used to cringe when her boyfriend would [Read More…]

What can you do with an English major? You might be surprised…

From Andrea Kay: Let’s hear from those with degrees in the liberal arts and tell us what you are doing these days… Of all the non-useful things people believe, have no proof of but perpetuate, I’d like to put one to rest: “You can’t do anything with” (fill in the blank) an English degree, a [Read More…]

College of the Ozarks

I’ve been to lots of colleges to speak and lecture, but never to one like the College of the Ozarks, a unique college sitting on the hill just west of the river/lake of Branson MO. My invitation was to be a convocation speaker for spiritual emphasis week and I focused on two themes: loving others [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, April 6, 2013

Gotta read of the week: Scott Holland. Rachel’s question: “But what about men like my husband, or my pastor, or Scot, whose masculinity is simply not threatened by the intelligent, thoughtful contributions of women in leadership?  What about men who enjoy and appreciate partnerships with women and whose sense of calling and security is not [Read More…]