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Donald Miller on President George W. Bush

From Storylines, by Donald Miller, thanks Donald: I’ve always had mixed feelings about George W. I voted for him once (his second term) and coming from Texas, had something of an emotional tie to the former President. Not only that, but I like him. I naively believe, of all the former Presidents, he and I [Read More…]

Personhood, Loneliness, and Relationships

Andrew Root, in The Relational Pastor, says it well: “Loneliness reveals personhood because loneliness is the confession of lost relationship; it is clutching to find your personhood… the feeling of loneliness is the closest experience that we have to death. It is to be dead to all others; it is to be alone” (61). That’s heavy, [Read More…]

The Gospel: David Fitch and I

We are not discussing gospel today just because someone says we should. There is a widespread conviction that what many understand the gospel to be is not what the gospel is — in other words, many think we have to begin all over again and construct our theology and our praxis on the basis of [Read More…]