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Reducing Salt

From Think Progress: In a new study published in the online edition of the British Medical Journal,researchers write that a 50 percent reduction in daily salt intake “could prevent approximately 100,000 deaths from heart attack and stroke in the United States every year.” Curbing salt intake by that high a margin is certainly a mean feat [Read More…]

Zero TV on the Rise

How about you? LOS ANGELES (AP) — Some people have had it with TV. They’ve had enough of the 100-plus channel universe. They don’t like timing their lives around network show schedules. They’re tired of $100-plus monthly bills. A growing number of them have stopped paying for cable and satellite TV service, and don’t even [Read More…]

The Reality of the Resurrection (RJS)

One of the biggest hurdles to orthodox Christian belief in our world today is affirmation of the bodily resurrection of Jesus as historical reality. After all we know better than this. Isn’t it a much more reasonable and enlightened approach to realize that the empty tomb is a myth – and the resurrection appearances hallucination, [Read More…]

Life is Liturgical Improvisation

The word “liturgy,” like the word “art,” is generally used for what happens in liturgical churches on Sunday morning when they trot out a list of already-chosen Bible texts and read them, and they then have a church worship service in which much reflects an order from which the liturgical service rarely departs. Which is [Read More…]