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The World – If Only 100 People

The World as 100 People infographic by JackHagley.   Source. [Read more…]

Books for Singles

This list of the top five books for singles is quite the list — in fact, #5 is a stunner. So, I have a question for singles: What book/s most speak to you? [Read more…]

The Skeptical Believer

Some of you may know of Daniel Taylor‘s small but evocative and influential The Myth of Certainty, a book that helped me so much at one period in my life. He’s got a new set of ideas about doubt and faith in The Skeptical Believer: Telling Stories to Your Inner Atheist, and I’m having a hard time [Read More…]

Informative Report on Muslim Conversions

Since I wrote Turning to Jesus I have maintained a regular interest in specific patterns of conversion, leading to my co-authored Finding Faith, Losing Faith where specific patterns were raised to the surface. Our study was on the pattern of why Catholics become evangelicals, evangelicals become Catholics, and why Jews become Christians. To set it all into [Read More…]