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LZ Gets It

From So if September 11, 2001, was the day our innocence was taken, then April 15, 2013, is the reminder that it is never coming back. And we do not need the president to say the word to feel the word. It is felt each time we have to take off our shoes at [Read More…]

Uncovered Trial

Kirsten Powers, at The Daily Beast: The column, and the ensuing outrage—and much of the outrage came from people with vaginas despite Carmon’s egregious and divisive claim that it was just the patriarchy rearing its ugly head—was specific to the fact that the mainstream media had not covered the trial of Kermit Gosnell, which started March 18, [Read More…]

Robot Surgery Problems

From AP: Anyone with a story here? CHICAGO (AP) – The biggest thing in operating rooms these days is a million-dollar, multi-armed robot named da Vinci, used in nearly 400,000 surgeries nationwide last year – triple the number just four years earlier. But now the high-tech helper is under scrutiny over reports of problems, including [Read More…]

Brian Zahnd: World Made New

From Brian’s blog: In the world after Easter the Spirit of Truth says, Imagine a world beyond violence, beyond war, beyond greed, beyond poverty, beyond disease, beyond exploitation, beyond the tyranny of economic self-interest, beyond the wreckage of ruthless competition…and move in that direction. Because that is the future! The way civilization has been arranged from Genesis [Read More…]

The Divine Dance (RJS)

Orthodox Christianity as affirmed in the historic creeds is at its heart Trinitarian -there is one God existing in three persons. But what does this mean — and why is it important? Certainly the Trinity is a tough concept to grasp – it overloads our mental circuits to use Keller’s phrase. We say the right [Read More…]

Prodigal Relationships

The church struggles between two poles when it comes to sexual brokenness: the pole of being right or the pole of denouncing sin and the pole of being merciful or fearing condemnation. But is the church a place for healing sexual brokenness? This is the question being asked in Signpost #8 in Prodigal Christianity. In the [Read More…]