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Fred Rogers: Look for the Helpers

Donald Miller, at Storyline: There are a few very loud theologians who want us to believe the heart of man is evil, as is spoken of poetically in Scripture. But they are often wrong (and emasculating) in the way they interpret and teach this idea. They use it as a method to devalue and so [Read More…]

Why Pseudonyms in Blogging Need Monitoring

This story illustrates why I am nervous about pseudonyms on this blog … a person can say whatever he or she wants, misrepresenting himself or herself recklessly and with impunity, if one refuses to use one’s own name. What do you think of pseudonyms in County Blogdom? Atlanta (CNN) – A top-tier rabbi and expert in [Read More…]

Barna Measures PostChristian: Criteria

From David Kinnaman: Definitions The level of irreligion in America depends on how you measure it. And the vitality of faith in America is much more than simply how people label themselves. Barna Group tracks the following 15 metrics related to faith, which speak to the lack of Christian identity, belief and practice. post-Christian = [Read More…]

Empathy is Spiritual

In the middle of any commitment to a relational ministry will be the gift or ministry of empathy. Andrew Root, in his new and important study about pastoral theology called Relational Ministry, takes us one step at a time into an education in relationally. Empathy rates high in any emotional intelligence or relational ministry. If earlier [Read More…]

Relational Theology: Roger Olson

Roger Olson, of Truett Theological Seminary, gave a talk at Missio Alliance on “relational theology,” and I clip a a few paragraphs to incite you to read his whole presentation: The second view of God’s sovereignty, the one I plan to expound here, isrelational theism. Oord, one of the editors and authors of Relational Theology, defines [Read More…]