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A Prayer: In Boston as in Heaven

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Slippery Slope Redux

John Frame, at TGC’s blog, is clipped to say these important things about the almost always fallacious use of the slippery slope. First, he defines it well: A true and valid reductio must be distinguished from its fallacious imitators, one of which is the ‘slippery slope’ argument. A slippery slope argument goes like this. ‘If you take [Read More…]

The Shepherd’s Nook: Inside the Soterian Gospel

This post is by John Frye. Soterian Gospel = Proof-texts and Logic We considered last week the reduced, soterian gospel and its relation to the church. “Jesus died on the cross so you can go to heaven when you die” has, we noted, no relation to the church. That “gospel” allegedly precedes and creates the [Read More…]

Conversation: The Art

The question: What are the central characteristics of a genuine conversation in your opinion? I want to draw your attention to a massive and brilliant study, but for most of us far too specialized to be a book to “blog” our way through. The book is Benedetta Craveri’s The Age of Conversation. Her book is a [Read More…]