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Work from Home? Obstacles (an infograph)

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You might have a soterian gospel if you…

The soterian gospel is a rhetorical bundle of lines about the doctrine of salvation that came to the fore in the 20th Century. I had lunch recently with a missionary who told me he’s been struggling with the “soterian” gospel for years and is so glad I wrote The King Jesus Gospel because it put into [Read More…]

Believe or Be-live?

Skepticism is part of belief and belief is part of skepticism, so says Daniel Taylor in his The Skeptical Believer. But what then is faith? He says it is to “assent to a claim” or “acceptance of a claim.” But belief entails more than acceptance or assent. Taylor’s point is well worth pondering.  Faith is a [Read More…]

Entering the Far Country of Pluralism

The dominant religion of North America is religious pluralism, the posture that each religions deserves a place at the table, that each religion has something to offer, and that no religion is truth, right or superior. It is the religion of the irreligious and probably more or less the religion of the “spiritual but not [Read More…]