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A Good Tax

Yes, I think this tax will help States and the nation: As a rule of thumb, it’s best to be skeptical of politicians and journalists who describe their pet policy preferences as “common sense.” Unless it involves renaming a post office, pretty much any piece of legislation that gets brewed up in Washington will, by [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook, by John Frye

Soterian “Destination Gospel” The soterian gospel boils down the biblical Story of the King Jesus Gospel to mere destination: going to heaven when you die. All the potent minerals and healthy vitamins of God’s grace-driven renovation of the entire cosmos are cooked out. As a pastor, I think this has had disastrous results for the [Read More…]

If Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not

Joe Modica and I co-edited a book recently published called Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not: Evaluating Empire in New Testament Studies, and now that we’ve received our copies of the book, I want to say a few things about it. The book evaluates a now quite popular method or approach called “empire criticism.” It [Read More…]