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Restrictions at Eucharist?

Joel J. Miller takes exception to Gene Robinson’s claim the Catholic church is doing politics at the Eucharist when it says some are not to be communicating at the Table if they don’t get their faith right. What do you think? Here are Joel’s opening lines… Gene Robinson, retired Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire, says [Read More…]

A Survey: 40+ and the Church

Michelle van Loon did a 10-question survey; she’s not a social scientist. Here’s her survey. Here are two summaries: one and two. These are her conclusions, and I ask: What do you think? I’ve already noted that I’m not a social scientist or a statistician. But the number of the responses, and the fact that [Read More…]

So What’s an Anabaptist?

I am often asked “What is an Anabaptist?” and “Who are the Anabaptists?” If one listened to everyone who claimed an anabaptist connection, it would be easy to be confused. For many today a progressive politics is Anabaptist; for others it means being either Yoderian (John Howard Yoder) or Hauerwasian (Stanley Hauerwas). Fair enough, but [Read More…]