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One Shirt for 100 Days?

Here’s a shirt and the company says you can wear it 100 days without washing it. Who even knows. The creators of Wool&Prince are claiming that you can wear their wool button-down shirts for days on end without them wrinkling, smelling or showing any dirt. Frankly, that sounds ridiculous, but maybe? Testers recruited by Wool&Prince all unsurprisingly [Read More…]

Just Like Me? (RJS)

We all prefer friends who are just like us … personality, age, education, social class, marital status. This is simply human nature it appears – with both good and bad consequences. We tend to self-segregate. Should the church be any different? I read an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science [Read More…]

Empire in Rome

Before one can ask if Christians are opposing empire as a movement and in their preaching and in their writings, it is good to grasp how the Roman empire understood itself. In our co-edited book, Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not: Evaluating Empire in New Testament Studies, Joe Modica and I solicited the classics scholar [Read More…]