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Fitch Talking Hockey, SMcK Bored

David Fitch, my friend and colleague at Northern Seminary, in DC, asked to speak about Missio Alliance but instead…. … he starts talking about hockey and Max and hockey and … well… one-third of the way into the talk he starts talking theology. Hockey, so I hear, a game for winter on ice is still [Read More…]

Are you a daydream believer?

From The Big Questions: But is that really the best way to solve problems and improve your mind? Not necessarily, according to social scientists who have been studying this question in recent years. While researchers have found new support for the old Victorian practices, they’ve also discovered evidence for the benefits of daydreaming. This activity, [Read More…]

Church for those 40+

Michelle van Loon has done a survey of why 40+ leave local churches or diminish their participation, and in her study she wonders if maybe churches have focused so much on -40 that those 40+ are outside the framework. What do you think? Do churches neglect the spiritual formative needs of the 40+? However, the [Read More…]

A Miraculous Creation (RJS)

No matter how we look at it the question of miracles is a key one as we consider faith, worldview and science. Certainly I have been asked many times on this blog how I can dismiss a miraculous creation (I don’t – but we’ll get to that), yet accept (apparently arbitrarily) the miracles performed by [Read More…]

What’s a Man, What’s a Woman?

Christians are deeply vested in this double question. Complementarians are essentialists who think there are distinctive, essential differences between a man and woman, while egalitarians (the right term in this discussion) are not essentialists in that they think the differences are nurture and not nature. But this raises the double question: So what is a [Read More…]