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Just in case you need evidence about sports

Source: Deadspin [Read more…]

Forming Children, Forming Young Adults

From Tim Elmore: I believe two sets of messages must be communicated to students during the first two decades of their life. Sadly, very often only one set of messages gets through. The first ten years, we must communicate childhood messages. If we have done this well, they are prepared for necessary adolescent messages that [Read More…]

Women in Ministry: One Week Intensive

This summer at Northern Seminary I will teach a public-open course on Women in Ministry. Here is a list of our summer offerings, and my course on Women in Ministry will be taught June 17-21. Here’s the official edu-scoop: Women in Ministry will focus on understanding, recognizing and encouraging the gifts God has given to [Read More…]

Why don’t we play well?

Tyler Braun, asking why Christians don’t play well with one another: So how can we turn this around? What do we need to do in order to disagree with our brothers and sisters in love? First, we need to understand that the underlying theme that allows for disagreement to happen in a healthy way is [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook (John Frye)

Word Craft, by John Frye Years ago I might have titled this post “Personal Precise Pastoral Ponderings on Preaching,” thinking, “That’s cool and catchy.” Those days are long gone. Scot McKnight suggested that I create some posts on the preparation for and ministry of preaching. I responded, “Scot, I have mixed feelings about the topic.” [Read More…]

The Ascension

This Sunday in the church calendar is Ascension Sunday (the official Ascension was yesterday, May 9). The foundational text, though not in the lectionary for Sunday, is found in Acts 1:4-11. What themes do you think we are to focus on in light of the Ascension of Christ? Why do you think we ignore Ascension? [Read More…]