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Women of the Wall

From Edmund Sanders: JERUSALEM — Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews flooded into the Old City’s Western Wall Plaza early Friday in a boisterous and sometimes violent protest against a group of female activists exercising a newly court-affirmed right to pray at the holy site in a similar fashion as men do. It was a rare scene [Read More…]

Bible Translation Controversy Over

From SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics), an announcement about translating the Bible in Muslim countries were divine familial terms require special translation sensitivities and accuracies: SIL International has received ten recommendations from the WEA Global Review Panel for translation of Divine Familial Terms. Recommendations one through four are cited here as the standards that SIL [Read More…]

Skepticism and (Not Needing) The Last Word (RJS)

As most are aware by this time, Dallas Willard passed away last Wednesday. Dallas Willard was a Professor of Philosophy at USC, The University of Southern California, for 47 years. He began as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in 1965 and moved through the ranks from assistant to associate to full professor. He retired last [Read More…]

A North American Approach?

Joel Willitts, in his essay on empire criticism and the Gospel of Matthew, sets out a most incisive observation: “It appears that the fascination with Matthew and empire is a distinctively North American phenomenon, however.” He pushes harder: “I found no continental or British scholars who either have paid much notice to Carter’s [American’s foremost [Read More…]