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Beginning of the End?

We have been suggesting that Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) will become the default or even go-to plan for many businesses, governments or employers … and Chicago’s decision is the beginning of total socialization of medical care in the USA. Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to start reducing health insurance coverage next year for more than 30,000 [Read More…]

A Circle of Significance

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Languages: An Infograph

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One and Only One

Three options: first, there are many gods and YHWH, God of Israel, is one among many; second, there are many God but YHWH is superior to all other gods; third, there is one and only one God, and YHWH is that God. Polytheism, henotheism and monotheism, roughly. The dominant theme of the Old Testament is [Read More…]

Reformed and O How I Love to Proclaim It!

While at a conference a young man introduced himself to me, we began to chat, he informed me he was Reformed, and he had a few questions for me. I asked him what kind of Reformed, and he wasn’t all that sure what that meant, so I asked it concretely: Presbyterian? No. CRC? No (he [Read More…]