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Education: An Infographic Comparison

Source: via NEA on Pinterest [Read more…]

Reaching the Unchurched

Carey Nieuwhof: Many today will want to say “reaching” is the wrong, and unmissional, word; some will say relationships for the sake of evangelism are wrong; yet, there are other questions: Does evangelism matter to you? How does one evangelize those who have little interest? So how do you reach a growing number of people [Read More…]

Creation, Evolution, and US Pastors (RJS)

A bit over a year ago BioLogos commissioned a survey conducted by Barna Group to understand the views of clergy on questions of creation and evolution. The results of the survey are now being released by BioLogos and you can see the initial summary from the survey  in April edition of their monthly newsletter The [Read More…]

Calvinism and Women

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard a thousand times. Calvinism is a hierarchical system of thought and it is hierarchical in marriage and it is hierarchical in churches. The more one emphasizes God’s sovereignty the more one can emphasize male sovereignty. Therefore, Calvinism is inherently complementarian and that means it will — for those [Read More…]