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Caffeine Curve

From Mark Stevens: [Read more…]

NZ and Aussie Accents? Check out the USA Accents

From Aschmann’s amazing website: Have you heard those folks in New Orleans? Minnesota? UP? Who has the strongest accent? Got some examples? [Read more…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Preaching as Encounter

By John Frye. We should not be surprised how the soterian gospel has reshaped USAmerican evangelical preaching in view of that gospel’s long run. Thousands of individuals, saved on the skimpiest of information shaped to elicit a punctiliar decision, filled the church as uninformed converts. The robust kingdom of God gospel announcement (kerygma) has been [Read More…]

Best Book on Calvinism?

Our recent post about IVP’s new little handbook to all things Reformed convinced me we need to to reconsider together what Calvinism means. I’m not a Calvinist, but Kenneth Stewart is. He’s a very good thinker and a clear writer and he argues there is more than one kind of Calvinism, and many don’t even [Read More…]